(The article was written for Rasala Publications Brand, PCWorld Pakistan)

The end to the ultimate Apple vs. Samsung battle might not be known but one thing is sure: both truly loves to make headlines, so much that other get few space to be in the news. The good thing is: the high heated drama has once again brought us here to debate on ‘who’s the King of Smartphone industry’, after Apple’s newly introduced iPhone 5. Before we can proceed, remember that we hold no loyalties to any of the above mentioned brands and the analysis is totally unbiased.

First of all, welcome ‘iPhone 5’ to the war zone. So will it bring back the lost glory of Apple snatched by ‘pirated Samsung devices’? –That’s what the most recent verdict declared – or will it fail to contribute in Apple’s COMEBACK to the top of the market.

IPhone 5: For the good of Apple or Samsung?

The iPhone 5’s launch was one of the much anticipated events of the year – for consumers, analysts and Apple’s competitors. The new device managed to top the headlines, with highest sales for a Smartphone in a day, which really called for Samsung worries.

Before the iPhone 5, Samsung created a buzz in the Smartphone market with its Galaxy SIII mobile which managed to become the first ever Smartphone to be sold more than iPhone. With a new player from Apple, a concern on Samsung part was very conspicuous. But as soon as the new device entered the consumer market, it seems Samsung has much to pinpoint than to worry.

First of all, the new iOS 6 maps in iPhone 5 is a total mess. The mapping app, replacing Google maps has been mocked at for its shortcomings in providing with right direction and right information.

Moreover, the new make from Apple seems to be criticized by its fans for being ‘so light’. Although it was introduced as lighter and faster device, it shows the iPhone maker following others in the industry and losing its own touch with the new innovation. Besides this, the size and screen of Galaxy SIII is bigger than the new iPhone.

Adding more to this, now Samsung got a chance to challenge innovations in the new device. The South Korean company has once again brought the two together in another court battle, over the LTE technology. Samsung thinks that it’s the Apple this time that has copied its Long-term Evolution technology and faster fourth generation wireless connectivity which brings another addition to famous “Apple and Samsung” series.

And its not just yet, another issues with the new iPhone include: speedy battery drainage and gets easily scratched. With these serious problems reported on some of the major tech sites, the popularity of the new device seems to be affected. Moreover, Samsung also got a chance to poke fun on Steve Jobs last make and to show that it’s already ahead in the competition.

To say the least, iPhone 5 truly stands out in some of the features that makes it the APPLE of one’s eye. The retina display is far better than the Amoled display of Galaxy SIII. Moreover, its app store is comparatively much larger than Android platform. But it fails to bring something more innovative than one would expect from Apple after two years.

Apple has so far been ahead of the competition for its innovative approach which it might be losing now –following the industry rather than leading it. An Apple die-hard would definitely go ga ga for the new iPhone but the question arises, Will it be as much a popular attraction of a larger Smartphone audience that uses Android devices? For now, the analyst opinion seems split on the issue but we think it would definitely bring more profit for Apple – not a much larger market though – in near future. What do you think? Feel free to ‘Have your say’ in the comments section below.


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