Like all Apple innovations, MacBook also comes on priority list of a computer geek because of its sleek design and high performance. But choosing between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air has grown difficult over time, especially after the 13-inch version of both devices.

Initially, Apple’s MacBook Air seemed to entice the design-savvy while MacBook Pro attracts the productivity-savvy. Before the recent version, both the devices were a focus of one set of group while less preferred by the other. But with the new 13-inch devices, the difference in the features has seemed to be less significant and thus have become more difficult for users to pick the best option.
Hence, we are once again here to help one make the best choice. We have run a comparison of both devices features for one’s convenience, in order to assist in making the smart purchase. Read on the following to know:


From the very start, MB Air had an upper hand over MB Pro in terms of screen resolution i.e. 1440×900 pixels over 1280×800 pixels. MB Pro does have bright screen but fails to win because of its high glare.


Since MB Air has always been the designer-savvy, they are more sleek and light than Pro version. And if one is willing to travel with MB, then MB Air is the ideal choice with its light weight which stands at 2.96 pounds compared to MB Pro weight of 4.5 pounds. But the latter has more ports than MB Air, and also a DVD drive. So here, the scores are leveled.


Contrary to MB Air design, MB Pro’s performance has always been its highlight. It comes with a powerful processor of 2.5 Hz Dual-core Intel core i5 processor, with a Turbo Boost of up to 3.1 GHz. On the other hand, MB Air has a processor of 3.1 GHz and Turbo boost of up to 2.8 GHz. Although it’s an improvement in MB Air processor but it still is not equal to MB pro; hence MB Pro wins here.


When comparing the storage of two devices, MB Pro takes the lead with its 500 GB storage for music, movies or photos. While on the other hand, MB Air has a total of 128 GB of SSD Storage which can be upgraded to 512 GB but for that, one has to pay Apple some extra bucks, taking its price to $2,000. Although MB Air comes with s speedy SSD, but MB Pro seems a better option with its high storage.


While it seems initially that MB Pro might also be winning over here with its 63 Whr lithium polymer (li-po) battery compared to 50 Whr of MB Air’s Li-po battery; the latter’s ultra-low voltage processor cancels out the former’s dominance over here. Apple also rates both the devices to work 7 hours on ‘Wireless Web usage’. So once again it’s a draw.

Final Verdict

Apple’s decision of pricing the two devices at same rate has really led to customers’ confusion. Both devices are extremely efficient and come with many similar features. But the performance and high storage option of MB pro with an option of external USB port makes it more of a potential choice.

Although we would rate MB Pro higher, but MB Air provides the option of easy travel and more sleek design than its competitor. So the final decision rests with the need of the customers. Whether one would prefer more light, thin, faster and crisp picture MB Air or the high performance MB pro.

Note: Here, Price comparison is not provided because both devices come at the same price.

 (The article was written for Rasala Publications Brand, PCWorld Pakistan)



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