Over the last decade, Pakistan witnessed a booming telecom industry with many new players entering the arena. Not only the number of telecom operators increased but also the competition for customer retention and customer attraction. Since customer needs are ever evolving with the technological innovations, the telecom operators can not just sit back and enjoy. Hence, we see the introduction of new services every other day in the market where each cellular service provider seeks to bring something ‘different and innovative’.  But are these services any good from customers’ point of view?

There is little denying in the fact that telecom operators have greatly enhanced the customers’ experience with their newly introduced services while catering to the needs of customers. This reflects how much attention they are paying to their customers.

Today, our focus is on such a newly introduced service by Warid telecom with the name of ‘Warid Talky’. Read on to know how it can be useful for bringing the change in one’s mobile communication.

Warid talky

Although Warid ranks number 5th – the last – among cellular operators in the country; it has remained increasingly active with its services. The Warid talky is such a service to enhance the mobile experience of average Pakistani mobile user, with better accessibility to deliver the message.

To say briefly, Warid talky is a voice messaging service that will enable Warid customers to send on-net and off-net voice messages. The service can be of immense use in the context of Pakistani society due to following reasons.

First of all, as much as the security conditions have worsened in recent times the need for instant communications has increased. Many can type 150 character messages within seconds of time but that does not hold true for all the mobile users in the country. In case of emergency, call becomes a more wise option than message to reach the desired person. But what if one don’t have the minimum balance to make a call? Here, voice messaging can be more feasible than SMS for both the sender and receiver. This will not only save the time for typing but also will help in fixing the typo errors that may result in changing the subject of the message.

In addition to this, the service would be beneficial to a large number of population who can not read or write. With the literacy rate of below 50%, many mobile users in the country can not afford to utilize the messaging services because of their inability to read and write. Hence, Warid talky will provide the chance to communicate with others through a less costly channel of voice messaging.

With the Smartphone apps taking on the market and enhancing both written and voice communication; Warid Talky seems a positive step on the part of cellular service providers to come up with something in this regard. The mobile calls are comparatively expensive than the messages but are more effective means of communication. In regard to this, Warid aims to make voice communication more feasible and cost effective. The service will be charged Rs. 0.6+tax/30 seconds which is much less than the average call rate.

With Warid taking a step towards voice communication, we have to see what might come next from the other players in the industry in this regard. For now, it is certain the competition seems to be fuelling more in near future.

(The article was written for Rasala Publications Brand, CIOPakistan)



Powerful advertising is always persuasive, well-targeted and creative. If an ad campaign fails to meet any of these goals, it would utterly fail. But the persuasion angle in advertising seems to be changing these days –to persuade consumers to denounce competitor’s products while focusing on its negative traits.

Like all the business verticals, advertising holds immense importance in the advertising industry. And with the changing trends, the bad blood between the tech giants seems to be pouring in the advertising too. Today, we will take how tech-companies are using the most creative –maybe ridiculous –advertising techniques to denounce the competitor’s products.

Poking fun at the competitors

Today our focus will be on Apple vs. All –Samsung, Google, Nokia etc –advertising that has emerged in recent days, much after the iPhone 5. The new innovation from Apple has become as much ‘centre of attraction’ for its competitors as for its consumers. And it all lead us to anti-Apple advertisement that has emerged to poke fun at Apple’s claims –The best Smartphone in the world. Before we can proceed, let us remind you the focus here is not whether iPhone 5 is the best Smartphone ever or whether its competitors are better. It is how one can use the advertising communication to push its competitors down despite introducing a new product every time.

One of the bitter foes of Apple –most competitive though –is Samsung. The Cupertino Company pins much hope on iPhone 5 to win back its glory after Samsung Galaxy SIII stormed the Smartphone market. With the extravagant launch of iPhone 5, Samsung could not afford to stay quiet. Hence, it slams iPhone 5 directly with ‘It doesn’t take a genius’ advertisement. The print ad becomes a much talked about advertisement on social media, raging a war of words between Apple and Samsung fans. Samsung mocks at Apple’s new innovation for ‘not being any new’ in the market. The ad features iPhone 5 and SIII head-to-head, with SIII beating its rival with more and better features. Whether it really is the case, Samsung knows very well to play in advertising –no matter unfair. And to more undermine the new device, the ad reads “The Next Big thing is already here” with Galaxy SIII written below.

Besides Samsung, Google is also one of the greatest foes of Apple and it jumped into the advertising game with its ‘iLost ad’. Thanks to newly introduced iOS 6 maps which provided a chance to Google to show how it is ahead of Apple. The ad was first posted on Google+ along with a satirical comment that reads: “Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on Droid Razr M will get your there and not #iLost in Brooklyn.” The ad comes at the right time to show how superior Google mapping services are than iOS –for the time being Apple can only try to fix these problems as soon as possible.

The reason behind the advertising not only shows that Apple has become an old, boring player in the industry; on the contrary, it may very well highlight the rising fear on the part of its competitors from its newly introduced ‘iPhone 5.’

Will it be any good?

The raging war of the tech giants entering the advertising arena shows how desperate are the players involved to denounce their competitor. Since advertising is a very powerful platform to influence the consumer preferences, it may very well benefit them. The popularity of Samsung ads on social networks can very well help it to win Apple customers –it might not be possible also. It shows also that today it is not only about innovation but utilizing the innovative ways of marketing.

But to the very extent it also depicts how insecure and fearful are the top-notch players in the industry of their rivals. Since technology world is ever changing, fear to lose one position is quiet comprehensible in these scenarios. Moreover, it also shows how meaningful advertising is in shaping the competition of the technology industry.

To say the least, it seems the advertising done by Apple rivals is inspired from the following quote of Bernice Fitz-Gibbon:

“A good ad should be like a good sermon: It must not only comfort the afflicted, it also must afflict the comfortable.”

(The article was written for Rasala Publications Brand, PCWorld Pakistan)