Over the last decade, Pakistan witnessed a booming telecom industry with many new players entering the arena. Not only the number of telecom operators increased but also the competition for customer retention and customer attraction. Since customer needs are ever evolving with the technological innovations, the telecom operators can not just sit back and enjoy. Hence, we see the introduction of new services every other day in the market where each cellular service provider seeks to bring something ‘different and innovative’.  But are these services any good from customers’ point of view?

There is little denying in the fact that telecom operators have greatly enhanced the customers’ experience with their newly introduced services while catering to the needs of customers. This reflects how much attention they are paying to their customers.

Today, our focus is on such a newly introduced service by Warid telecom with the name of ‘Warid Talky’. Read on to know how it can be useful for bringing the change in one’s mobile communication.

Warid talky

Although Warid ranks number 5th – the last – among cellular operators in the country; it has remained increasingly active with its services. The Warid talky is such a service to enhance the mobile experience of average Pakistani mobile user, with better accessibility to deliver the message.

To say briefly, Warid talky is a voice messaging service that will enable Warid customers to send on-net and off-net voice messages. The service can be of immense use in the context of Pakistani society due to following reasons.

First of all, as much as the security conditions have worsened in recent times the need for instant communications has increased. Many can type 150 character messages within seconds of time but that does not hold true for all the mobile users in the country. In case of emergency, call becomes a more wise option than message to reach the desired person. But what if one don’t have the minimum balance to make a call? Here, voice messaging can be more feasible than SMS for both the sender and receiver. This will not only save the time for typing but also will help in fixing the typo errors that may result in changing the subject of the message.

In addition to this, the service would be beneficial to a large number of population who can not read or write. With the literacy rate of below 50%, many mobile users in the country can not afford to utilize the messaging services because of their inability to read and write. Hence, Warid talky will provide the chance to communicate with others through a less costly channel of voice messaging.

With the Smartphone apps taking on the market and enhancing both written and voice communication; Warid Talky seems a positive step on the part of cellular service providers to come up with something in this regard. The mobile calls are comparatively expensive than the messages but are more effective means of communication. In regard to this, Warid aims to make voice communication more feasible and cost effective. The service will be charged Rs. 0.6+tax/30 seconds which is much less than the average call rate.

With Warid taking a step towards voice communication, we have to see what might come next from the other players in the industry in this regard. For now, it is certain the competition seems to be fuelling more in near future.

(The article was written for Rasala Publications Brand, CIOPakistan)


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