A little about Me

I tried to drift away for a longer while but writing seems to be my one and only refuge. I don’t write to inspire but just to reflect and build on my understanding of the real world. Being enthusiastic about commenting on major news event, I prefer to write what strikes me the most (sports, technology, politics, movies or relationships). It can take days to find something inspiring or just a moment to pen down a long prose because words and thoughts don’t come by easily.

As for now, I don’t want to limit this blog entirely to news and its commentary but rather to every other thought that can contribute to my better evolution as a writer and journalist. I would welcome the feedback of all who would like to help me on this journey and would appreciate the criticism to improve my work.

I am not sure how long will I go further from here but want to go as far as it takes to establish a reputation of a good journalist/writer because that is what essentially I was born to do. I might have started late but I believe there is no better day than today to begin with.


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