(This post is not well written, its just a first draft to write down different thoughts going through my mind)

What I like about change is, it is permanent, constant, new, uncertainty. The routine life and the predictability puts an end to the excitement for something new, hope for better. Whereas the uncertainty gives unlimited scope for the good and bad yet to come.

November is love, the harbinger of change, the renaissance point where life takes a turn for the better. Like the previous year, a new job, new people, new beginnings mark the start of this month. From journalistic writing to academic last year, here I am in advertising this year. Writing, my one and only inspiration, that brought me here. The freedom to use my ideas with creative play of freedom was enough to make me choose this job. But advertising is so much different and fun industry.

I like the fact that I will get to improve my writing, my editing and proofreading in this job – things which have been neglected for over a year in the last job. There was a time I could write 1000 words within 20 minutes but now, it has become difficult to pen down even 100 words.

Things have changed drastically over these two years….I have experience a whole new learning but still could not find it satisfying. Maybe, I can’t track down my progress…maybe the bitter experience and harsh realities of life have dawned on me at wrong time…maybe I had stopped looking ahead and achieving ….maybe I became too adaptable to my circumstances..or just maybe….

But now, I am grateful things are going as per my instinct….I am experiencing 360 degree change with this new job.The nature of work, the people and the environment is quite the opposite to last one but yes, its uncertain. There is this element of unknown which is yet to be discovered. As long as the drive to discover the unknown is there, I am here, ready to learn and take a different look at life…from a creative perspective this time. And the journey begins here……..till the next change comes.


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Without change, life becomes stale and predictable. Those moments where you put yourself out of your comfort zone will test how strong you are when the smooth road becomes bumpy, the tide in the river ramps up in ante and see if you’re ready for what the future has in mind for you.

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