Are you the night or the day

or something similar to grey

does your thoughts conform to what you portray

or is it just a reflection of what they say

I came across a status on Facebook that says, ‘In one sentence, who are you?’. I thought for a while but could not summarize the story of my life in just one sentence. This kind of irritated me because I always like the use of minimal words to convey powerful message but alas! I am speechless, clueless to what could possibly the answer to this. So I decided to ask the same question from my different friends to know their responses.

When I confronted others with the same question, I found them as dumbfounded as I am, even some were intimidated by such a question after so many years of friendship. From there on, it became interesting. I got several answers but not the one in a single sentence, rather in form of different words. But it did one thing, it made me realized how oblivious we are in knowing ourself, reflecting on our personality and how approving we are to others’ opinions of ourselves.

But it all took me back to the question to ‘Who Am I’. It took me time to realize that I am a person of conflicting opinions, with varying moods, too involved or detached at times. Hence, I figured out: “I am too predictable in my unpredictability”. I could not think of something more appropriate than this to define me.

However, I realized Self-knowledge is the most powerful yet rarest form in our times. We are so involved in knowing and exploring the outside world that we forget to look inside. All our desires and dreams are inspired from the conformity with the popular. I believe there comes a time in everyone’s life where all things feel superficial, where we happen to explore the ‘I’ inside us….But we are too afraid to take on this journey, too afraid to meet the real ‘Me’ because the fear of unknown rules us.

would you dare to take on this journey of self discovery? If yes, there is a possibility you might surprise yourself with it. Go for it. 


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